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Baldrige award winners have seen drastic efficiency and effectiveness improvements in:
Benefits of Participation in the Awards Process

Organizations that have received the Award have seen:

• Increased revenue

• Decreased cycle time

• Improved product reliability

• Greater customer satisfaction and engagement

• An increase in new product sales as a percentage of total annual sales

• Decreased time to market

• Increased employee involvement, empowerment, and productivity

• Increased market share

• Greater opportunities for innovation, research and development

• Cost reduction opportunties

• Increased return on assets and return on equity

• Global market improvement

An organization does not have to receive the Award to see these benefits; all applicants are rewarded through improved organizational processes and both qualitative and quantitative results. 

Customer -

Customer satisfaction of 95% or higher for 4 years...

Workforce -

19% annual improvement rate in overall employee engagement... 

Operations -

15-fold annual improvements in cost savings from supply-chain efforts...

Strategy -

More than $7.5 million annual cost savings from implementing innovative ideas...

Environment -

20% annual cost savings from energy conservation improvements for 3 years 

Baldrige and South Carolina

Read about the benefits that the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria has brough to the great state of South Carolina in this publication!

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