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There are multiple ways to get involved in the SC Quality Forum.  The initial opportunity is to become an State Examiner.  Seasoned Examiners become Senior Examiners.



One can also become part of the Steering Committee.  This Committee further promotes quality through the Forum using leadership, strategy, marketing, best practices and alignment with the National program.

With the requisit level of knowledge and eperience, one can also become a Forum Judge.

And finally, the Advisory Board provides industry-leading guidance on the activities of the Forum.

For currently held positions, select 'Volunteer' at the top, and then select the referenced group.


You and your organization can further promote excellence and economic improvements in our great State through memberships and sponsorships.  


Contact Bridget Dewees for more information on examiner training and applications. 


Phone: (803) 535-5793

Examiner Applications are being accepted NOW via Quality Texas Foundation!
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