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Champion of Excellence

Champion of Excellence Application Information

The South Carolina Quality Forum will annually recognize a South Carolina resident, or former resident, who

has helped facilitate an organization's quest for excellence.  Every organization that travels the difficult path toward

excellence has an individual that was the sparkplug.  This person was able to ignite the desire in others for the

unending quest for quality.  This person was the change-agent and champion of people development.  


Although this person may not be the formal leader of the organization, they are respected and recognized by everyone as a leader.  This champion for excellence has helped equip and empower others in the organization’s transformation.  Their focus for excellence has

been long term, and they have served as a resource and inspiration for others as systems were put in place for strategic

planning, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality leadership, and people development. The quest for

excellence is long, difficult, and never-ending journey; nevertheless, the organization's champion for excellence remains as a strong

guiding light and inspiration for others to succeed.

There is a $50 nomination fee to which a 50% tax credit may be applied.

Nominations for the South Carolina Champion for Excellence Award should be submitted to the South Carolina

Quality Forum. Forms for nomination are available on this website or from the South Carolina Quality Forum.


Champion of Excellence Application (pdf)
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